The beginning of a love story

Today I want to start with a new project of mine. As you might have read in the previous article, I have met someone. This has changed my life, even though that may seem dramatic, for the better. This is a spirit I can share all my visions, dreams and plans with, in a space without judgement and with a lot of love and encouragement. When I told him about the idea I had to start writing about our experiences, he responded no different. And so here I am, writing about it for the first time. I have to say that I am still trying to figure out how to go about it, but just as with every thing else I start, I will let it grow organically. For now I will share the what/when/where.

He and I “met” a little over a year ago through instagram. Yes!!! You read that right: it was the little time-sucking (or is it just me?) app instagram that brought the two of us together. It was not your typical “it goes down in the DM” scenario though (see video), because the first encounters were not based on looks, but more so on words. I’ve had started writing and sharing about my inner journey, and he started following me. From the first “encounter” he was very supportive of my expressions, which he showed with his comments. This created brief moments of kind and loving interaction between the two of us. As time went on, our contact ”evolved” from the comment section to the DM’s (=direct messages) where we had REAL and DEEP conversations about everything we were going through. Not once did it seem like he was interested romantically, and I also did not give of that vibe. We just found each other in our inner journey of discovering and healing our true selves. That is where we supported each other, even though we did not know each other personally and we lived so far apart.

He told me he lived in The United States and I told him I was from The Netherlands. Through out time we developed a friendship of some sort, where we would just talk to each other randomly from time to time. Never had it once crossed my mind that it would all lead to this point that I am at now. The sporadic DM’s lead to Snapchat in the beginning of this year. Mind you, his Instagram profile contained nothing but pictures of his drawings and two photos of him covering his face. I was hoping to see a little more of this mystery friends face on Snapchat but when that did not happen (all I got was snaps from his car view etc.) I lost the hopes of ever finding out who this man was. To be honest it dawned on me a few times that I might have been dealing with a Catfish all along. But oh well, I figured this was not all too deep anyway, and so I continued with talking to him occasionally. Fast forward: To three weeks ago. I hit him up in de DM’s after a while to just check how he was doing. Spontaneously I asked him if he felt like calling with me and surprisingly he said yes. This conversation lasted for three hours straight (!!!) and if it wasn’t for the timezone (6 hour difference) we would have talked longer.

The next day he texted me again, something I had not expected. Obviously the connection was there for real, and us speaking over the phone shed a light on that. We were officially drawn towards each other. I was a bit hesitant because to me there was still a possibility of dealing with a Catfish. Other than that, the distance in between us also did not cause me to be all excited and ready to go for it. I had my doubts and I figured we could just be long-distance friends. But that is not what happened. Naturally we continued talking for hours over the phone on the days that followed, and with that we grew closer and closer. It felt like I had known him for years already, the way we spoke about EVERYTHING you can imagine: From galaxies, God and the existence of alien life to cracking up about childish things like poop and burping in each others ear. Basically we just vibed! And with those beautiful vibes came beautiful energies.

A few days in he decided to Skype me. This was a very nerve-wrecking moment for me because it meant that either two things could happen: the Catfish would reveal itself OR he was actually who he said he was. That moment the camera turned on I knew it was the latter. He was very real and it did not hurt to see how handsome he was! This was the last ”obstacle” that was out of the way and now I officially gave myself permission to go with it all the way. I opened myself up completely to see where this could lead us. As you could have guessed it things only grew from there. We fell in love. What an amazing feeling! We expressed our feelings to one another and with that we have decided to both commit to this journey of growing closer together, and building a relationship from a distance. The funny thing about it though is that I have never felt closer to someone than how I feel with him. Every conversation we have brings me inspiration, joy and a feeling of being understood. This is something I have always longed for, but was never there entirely in previous relationships. It might seem weird of me to say that so confidently, after just a few weeks, yet it is the honest truth.

I know there are lots of couples ”out there” in the world that are also doing this long-distance, different cultures, different languages thing. That is why I came up with the idea of writing about it and sharing our story with the world. This is such an incredibly exciting experience already because we fell in love without ever meeting each other in the flesh! In October I will visit him in The States and I can’t wait to take you with me every step of the way. For now I will leave you guys with some fitting music. I told you I am not the only one in this situation? 😉

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