The 5 secrets to happiness

Everyone is searching for it trying to find that one incredible state called HAPPINESS. But it seems as if the harder we try, the further away we go from the real deal. Happiness is not something you can achieve, it is something you are.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

Denis Waitley

So if it is not something we can achieve or chase but something we can be, how do we do that? You might wonder, and so have I. But I think it sounds harder than it is, because when your happy is not dependent on a situation, person, achievement or anything else outside of ourselves anymore it gives us total freedom and power of our own happiness. Because now it does not matter anymore what happens, all that matters is the way we think and feel about ourselves. And you know what? This is something we can practice and learnĀ to do! We can train our minds to see the positive side to everything and we can learn how to ride the waves of our emotions without drowning in them. Now that we now this, how can we put it into action? I have come up with five secrets to help guide you towards a happy life šŸ™‚

1. Be positive

This might be the most obvious one of the five, but it is also the one that many of us struggle with daily. Just think about it for a second, how do you respond to bad news? What goes through your mind when you’re late for work? What do you do when someone starts yelling at you? I bet you are not as positive as you think you are huh? And the same goes for me as well. Being positive when everything it going right is easy, but what about staying positive when everything goes wrong? That is the true secret to happiness. Finding a positive side to all we encounter. So next time you wake up after your alarm, take a deep breath, smile, and stay positive about it!

2. Relax

Most of us are trying to control everything around us and this just simply leaves us frustrated and exhausted. Not the best recipe for happiness. Instead of trying to attach ourselves to everything just breathe and let go. Relax yourself and know that we can not control anything but ourselves. This gives us total freedom and releases us from the burden of fake responsibility for things we can not control anyway. If you have difficulty really relaxing just try and figure out for yourself what helps you calm your mind. Maybe it’s meditationĀ or just listing to music and dancingĀ , cooking, singing, it can be what ever you like to do! Just find something that soothes your soul and calms your mind.

3. Accept

This is something that really applies to the relaxing part as well. As I just wrote, we can not control anything but ourselves, and knowing that is the first step but it is nothing if we can not accept it too. We need to accept everything as it comes and not give energy towards thinking such things as ”why me” or ”if it was different then” because these ways of thinking will only block true happiness. So instead of fighting against it, just stay positive about it, relax yourself and accept everything the way it is. You see how much happier this already makes us feel? And weĀ didn’t even discuss the last two secrets yet!

4. Reflect

Look within and you will find a lot of answers for yourself; that what you fear, that what you love, that what’s blocking you from truly being positive, relaxed and accepting. Reflect on your own self, your patterns and your thinking. Only this way you can change yourself. Because of that, this is definitely a really important secret. Without it you can not really control your own thinking and therefore your happiness. If you have never reflected on your own thoughts and behaviors, maybe you can start by talking to yourself first. This really helps me a lot when I struggle with staying positive and my mind goes crazy.

5. Give

The last but not least secret to happiness has to be giving. In catering to others we will find our purpose and our worth. Ofcourse self loveĀ is very important in finding our worth too, but without being there for others we are useless. Giving will not only make others happy, but their happiness also provides to our very own. Sharing is caring and by giving to others we are also giving to ourselves.

Now that you have the five secret to happiness, you no longer need to read any further. So GO FORTH my dear friend and be happy!

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