September First

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Today marks a BIG day: It is the first day of September. The month that kind of feels like the last day of summer to me, and the first day of autumn. Also today is the day of the New Moon, another mark of new beginnings and the end of a cycle. But the most important mark for me personally is that today is our one month anniversary, and me being part of a corny coupledom I NEED to dedicate an article to it ofcourse. So here I go with the evaluation of the last month, my intentions and wishes for the coming month, and some reflections.

So where should I start? August has been a wonderful month for me, filled with growth, friendship, romance, laughter, tears and breakthroughs. Stepping into and committing to be with my (corny) love seems to have been some sort of catalyst for movement, changes and healing. As I am getting ready to meet him physically (mind you we have never even met physically see here), I sense that I am also ready to meet parts of my self that have been hidden for a very long time. I am releasing the old and slowly moving my toes forwards into becoming, more and more the woman I am supposed to be. Or better yet, I am simply becoming. Nothing supposed to be anything. Just becoming more real everyday, without expectations, needs for validation. Just free and unapologetically; me.

He supports me, he guides me and he understands me to a point where if he does not understand he will ask enough questions, takes enough action to meet me where I am at. And as I am growing, he Afbeeldingsresultaat voor heart chakrais right here growing next to me. Like two trees in September, standing firm next to one another. The roots might grow intertwined with each other but the trunk stays solid and alone. Firm planted in the soil, sunlight soaked up all summer, getting ready to¬†transform green into orange. When green represents the heartchakra, orange is all about the sacral chakra. Sexual energy, creative energy, emotions, passion. Isn’t that resonating with every thing we are g(r)o(w)ing through? Moving downwards, deeper within energy that cannot be seen but can definitely be felt. Going inward into hidden blockages, freeing ourselves from everything that’s been weighing us down, blocking us from becoming. Starting with a heart to heart connection, inspiring us to co-create, co-exist. This relationship changes me, evolves me.

So here I stand, leaving a month and an area behind, facing the future that is ahead. I do not feel alone, because he is right beside me. We made it through one month of growing closer, sharing energy, dreams, hopes, fears, tears and laughter. He feels so close to me energetically, as if I am carrying him with me everywhere I go. Yet, we still need to unite in the physical. In exactly one moth and 4 days will my feet touch the ground in the United States. That moment when I get my luggage and find my way to the parking lot, or where ever they pick people up, is when my heart will either drop to my stomach, beats out of my chest or both. That moment when we can finally can experience and enjoy each other without distance, boundaries or time zones. I cannot phantom how it will be, but I know internally that what ever happens everything will work out in our favor. The Universe is has been carrying me and I trust that it won’t be any different with this one.
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Changes are coming, but this time it won’t be ”happening to me” but more so will I dance with them. Moving my hips, singing my song, free and surrendered to all that is to come. To keep my mind and heart set on my intentions. The intentions of becoming, loving unapologetically and fearless, stepping into my purpose and power. Practicing and cultivating self love more and diving deeper inward, literally into my womb: Where my power of creation lies. To be loved so freely and wholeheartedly gives me the courage to finally fly. It literally feels as if I was walking on the edge all along, but I never found the guts to soar and spread my wings so that the wind could carry me. Now that he is with me I feel as though I can finally let go and let the wind take over. I am flying and with each breeze, I rise into higher knowledge of self, and dive further down into the realms of my emotions and energy.

September is here. I am here. He is right by my side. Together we will take this journey on into release and embracing all that has yet to (be)come.

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