My first meeting with an energetic healer

Hello there. Today I have decided to start a new ”theme” that I will write about often because it is a theme that is obviously very much present in my life at this time. I named the subject/theme ”The healing of myself” because that is basically what it is about. The first episode as I have called it (lol) is: My first meeting with an energetic healer. Well…. let me jump right in!

Last Tuesday I had my very first meeting with a woman that practices energetic healing. Let me tell you first how I ended up here, and after that I will share my experience.

My first meeting with an energetic healer

Last year I started working at my current job, and my coach told me about a reading she was going to have. I registered that but afterwards did not get the chance to ask her how it was. So when I saw her again two months ago, ofcourse the first thing I asked her was how the reading went. She started to share all these wonderful things with me that she had experienced since then, one of it was knowing why she was born with her parents. This really got me thinking and after she emailed me the contact information of this woman I started pondering about it. Was I really going to call her? I had only spoken briefly with my former coach about her work and actually had no real idea of what this woman could do. Also, I did not really feel like I needed a reading at that time in my life (two months ago). I felt like I was on the right track, meditating daily, being in contact with myself, reading more, and following the signs that I picked up on. Why look for things if you are not ready to find anything?

Curiosity killed the cat once again.


But as you might have guessed already, curiosity killed the cat once again. And so I told myself there was nothing wrong with just giving this woman a call. I have gotten her number for a reason, and besides, what could possibly happen by just calling up someone? I could just talk to her, feel a little bit how she was, and then I could always decide not to go through with it. Right?

After I finally spoke to her I decided thereWell ofcourse it went totally different than how I had imagined it to go. I called her and she did not answer. I figured it was a sign of it not being the right timing for me, and returned to my daily activities. That day my battery died and as I got home and recharged my phone, I got a text message saying I had five missed calls all coming from her. Uhm okay? That’s a little bit much for someone who doesn’t even know you I thought. This I took as a sign ofcourse that this woman was onto something. The next day at work I took a break to try and call her once more. It went straight to voicemail and as I hung up I got another text message: missed call. WE CALLED EACH OTHER IN SYNC. How weird right? After I finally spoke to her I decided there were enough signs for me to come through and make an appointment and so I did. Mind you: At this point I still did not have a clue what this woman did and where I was going with this.

”Then she told me that she was an energetic healer, which really sounded logical; she had just found all my pain. It was like she was putting her finger inside of everything that had ever caused me pain, just to feel how it felt.”

So last Tuesday was the big day. I walked in and felt comfortable and at home right away, she offered me some tea and sat me down. Almost immediately she asked me who I was. One of the most difficult questions to answer, especially since I am always searching for myself! She started going in and I realized this wasn’t just any reading. It actually felt more like a therapy session. Then she told me that she was an energetic healer, which really sounded logical; she had just found all my pain. It was like she was putting her finger inside of everything that had ever caused me pain, just to feel how it felt. She then explained to me that this is what she was going to heal due to different methods (she wouldn’t really be specific, but she mentioned body work and past life regression) and she would use what ever method was necessary for me at that time. I felt relieved, happy, and exhausted when I walked out of there after two hours of talking to her. At one hand I was excited because I knew there were still some parts of me that needed this healing. I was holding myself back because of them. This also made me happy, knowing that I was going to leave her better than I met her. But this whole meeting also left me exhausted. She had just let me dug up all of the things I had been trying to bury my whole life. The things that I needed to forget in order to survive. The things that caused a lot of pain and emotions. The things you don’t really want to confront.

Everything is energy. Sometimes energy gets blocked.

The whole week I felt this strange energy and also I had a lot of realizations. I recently started reading a book called ”The Three Waves of Volunteers of The New Earth” by Dolores Cannon and in there she shares her experiences with regression therapy sessions. I found it very synchronous that I was reading about this and then met a woman who could also bring you to your past lives. It does make me wonder what else is in store for me by following this path. What I do know for certain is that everything is energy and this energy can get blocked when we don’t know how to release things. I want to finish this article by saying these last words:

It was the perfect time to meet this woman. I was slowly getting ready to heal and now that I started this process I know it is going to help me release some of the things that are still weighing me down. To be continued 🙂 

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