Morning Rituals

In learning how to practice self love I also needed to learn to take care of my eating habits. I ate whenever I got hungry, and breakfast was a vague word in a foreign language I had heard of somewhere before. The thought of waking up one and a half hour before my actual ”leaving the house” time was ridiculous to me! And so I carried on rushing out of bed every morning to jump underneath the shower, get dressed, put some shoes on and run to the door while grabbing a banana on the way out if I had the chance to! This had been my morning rituals for years now, eversince my mom did not wake me up anymore. But even though I could sleep for as long as possible, my energy level and mood weren’t at all great. Matter of fact, I woke up very cranky and stressed every morning due to these morning rituals of mine.

Then I started living together and my boyfriend showed me his rituals. He doesn’t mind waking up at 5:00 AM just so he can bake his potatoes and eggs for breakfast and lunch. Everytime that alarm went off I threw some passive agressive sounds his way, turned around and hid my head under the sheets to sleep a little more. At least that is how it started! But then I looked at him and his morning rituals and I started to see his eating patterns, his energy and his mood were all stable. It was a balanced and healthy morning ritual (unlike mine!). So I had to give it some thought,  to see if my own morning rituals maybe needed some change. This is what I came up with:

  1. Self Love: I changed my eating habits already, but not morning rituals. Wasn’t this part of eating habits too?
  2. Self Love: my mood and energy levels were clearly suffering from my current morning rituals. If I would change it up, wouldn’t that be more nurturing and positive for myself?
  3. What was thirty minutes of sleep? I just needed to go to bed earlier.
  4. As a food lover eating is never a bad idea!
  5. I figured in just changing it I would have a new experience and I could always go back to my ”old” morning rituals.

So I convinced myself to give it a try, and started to wake up each moring one and a half hour before I had to leave the house so I could implement my new morning rituals into my life.

I started making smoothies every morning, because I was not used to eating a big breakfast in the morning (read: a breakfast at all) I had to start small. In this smoothie I used: one hand full of spinach, half an avacodo, a banana and coconutmilk. Now that I have been doing this a little longer I also added some macapowder, chlorella powder and bee pollen.

Then I started with taking my lunch with me to work. This I prep in the morning and I usually use food I cooked the evening before. Things like fried veggies are most likely the things I take, because I don’t really eat anything else now a days.

What I also do, antoher thing I learned from my boyfriend, is steam some broccoli by cutting it up and boil some hot water on the side. When the water is finished I put the broccoli in a small pan, pour the hot water over it, and put the lid on the pan. This way I can just continue my other things, like drinking my smoothie, while the broccoli gets steamed.


And I must admit: these new morning rituals have brought me so much energy, positive mood changes and balance! It is truly way more relaxed to just wake up slowly and take your time, instead of rushing and getting stressed out before you even start work. I mean, work can be stressful by itself so you don’t need all this extra stress in your life! So go on and explore your morning rituals and maybe you come to the same conclusion.

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