I have always seen things differently. As a young child people, including my parents, often experienced me as ‘difficult’ because I would always try and understand why things were the way they were, and challenged them if I felt something was unfair. Because I was so young adults did not really take this longing for connection/understanding seriously and at times even saw it as being disrespectful and/or disobedient. This resulted in ignoring me or punishing me, without hearing me out first. Because of this I would always feel misunderstood and unheard. As a teen I developed a very rebellious personality due to this, who made sure she was heard and seen. I was always the loud mouth, literally screaming for attention and underneath that harsh exterior was this young little girl crying for help but did not know how to explain herself.

I think that is part of the reason why I choose to speak out in the open right now to voice this inner child inside of me who did not have the ability or surroundings to let her ideas be heard. I know I am not the only one who has been in situations like this. That is why I feel it to be a responsibility to not only be a voice for my inner child, but for all the children who are ‘too bright for their own good’. Also there are lots of children and adults living in circumstances where they are not empowered, but rather held down and ruled over systems filled with hatred and negativity.

If I have to summarize my mission into one sentence it would be:

My mission is to give a voice to all the people that did not find their own yet so I can empower them and shine some light and love on the places that need it most.