Hello Spring

Hello spring!
Hello (astrological) new year!
Hello new beginnings and bye endings!
I haven’t written since December and that was kind of necessary. The first three months of 2017 to me, were all about cleansing, purging, reshaping, releasing, reflecting and readjusting for the coming months ahead. This came with a lot of moments of rest; taking the time to be with my self and reevaluate all that I have been through and what I want to move forward towards. Confusion danced with clarity as I said goodbye for good to beliefs that did not benefit my highest purpose. Moments of total despair took turns with moments of complete clarity and peace; telling me that there was healing on the way, but also new growth.

Release three times

Before we can receive, we first need to release. You can’t hold onto new things if you are busy holding on to things from your past. If you have read more of my articles, you will probably think ”but don’t you write about the past A LOT?” and my answer is YES I do! Using the past as reference so that I can reflect on my growth, is something I am doing all the time. By looking at where I come from I can see where I am standing now. By noticing certain patterns I can choose a new direction today. I need to look behind me so that I readjust my course accordingly. But I also noticed that this has a downside to it;

By reflecting on the past there is the danger of reliving the past.

It is easy to look at the past and fall into it like mud. Your feet just slowly sink into it until your stuck. When your stuck in the past you don’t grow anymore, more so you are repeating the same chapter over and over (and over) again. I noticed how I was growing in certain areas of my life. My career for example, my relationship with self, and the bonds I had with my family members were steadily evolving. Yet, I realized that I was kind of stuck when it came to patterns dealing with love and romantic relationships, limiting beliefs about my worth and blocking my own success. As I welcomed in 2017 in January I knew I had to take my time to heal and refocus, reshape and relearn some things. But most of all I had to release. And so January, February and March were all about release. Releasing wounds from past lovers. Releasing old stuff that I did not need anymore, like a lot of my clothes and other things I kept in the house. These things not only cluttered up my home, but my life in general. So I released all of it in three months time.

A new beginning

And now we are approaching April. It has been three months of silence and journeying inward for me, clearing out a lot of space in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Clearing space so that I am able to welcome new adventures. New beginnings as you could say.

New beginnings are like guests; you can only truly honor them if you invite and welcome them into your life.

And here I am. Welcoming the springtime with the first bird songs in the morning, the first rays of sunshine of my face, and the first promise of new life on the horizon. I am ready to open up again and share my soul with the world. I am ready to take on new exciting things on my life’s path. I am ready to grow and blossom more than I have ever before, and I am so very grateful for this experience.
I am stepping more and more into the creative being that I am.
I don’t know which shape or form everything will get, because I simply am the type of girl to follow the flow and listen to my intuition.
All I know and feel is that I am growing closer to my being daily.
I am humbled by experiences and excited about the changes to come.
All I am doing is following my heart from now on, and I am sure it will guide me straight home to where I belong!

Happy spring to all of you, what changes are ahead for you? Tell me in the comments!



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