Get shit done: 5 steps to an organized life

As a fairly chaotic individual who was used to doing everything out of impulses, it is safe to say my life was pretty was a hot mess. Not only were my morning rituals non existent,  I first needed to learn how to love myself. Because this self love was something new, I did not pay attention to the fact that I pretty much lived from day to day without any goals or plans to give my life a purpose. This all changed when I really started to make an effort to permanently change my ways and release all the old negative patterns and give myself permission to be my true authentic self. As I transformed my views of the world and also my daily practices started to expand and I created a vision. But with that vision comes responsibility to make things happen, or a plan to GET SHIT DONE. So I had to make one and because this really helped me out I have decided to share it with you!

Step 1: Start 

This might seem easy and logical but to me it was the hardest thing ever! I am definitely a procrastination queen and where I can do it tomorrow, I used to do it three months later or not at all. Knowing myself and wanting to change my ways, I knew I had to GET SHIT DONE instead of stalling and avoiding all the time. So the first step in doing so was starting in the first place. Do not wait for later when you can do it right now, because all you have is this very moment and if it is something you really want why would you sabotage yourself by doing it another time? Just spank your but and get started!

Step 2: Plan

This is something that kind of flows from the first one, because when you procrastinate you do not plan your tasks OR you just do not follow your own plans. So what you need to do is get started and plan what you are going to do and when. This way you get more done and you’ll motivate yourself along the way, because now you see the progress you have made in this short period of time. Another important note here is to be realistic in your planning! It is better to plan less than you actually do, then to plan too much than you can handle and actually do. LESS IS MORE!

Step 3: Focus

Focus on one thing at a time, or a maximum of three things. An example: When you want to clean the house, do that first. Start with the dishes, then clean the floors and finish with the laundry. After you have finished that you can go grocery shopping. When the groceries are organized you can start cooking and so on. It does not make any sense to do ten things all at once, and let’s be real about it here: You will not finish any one of them because you just simply took on too much. Keep it simple and stay focused!

Step 4: Relax!

This one is also very important because it will help you stay consistent. When you go too hard (in the paint) you will eventually exhaust yourself. Just remember to take some time to just breathe and enjoy life. It is when you relax yourself that you can also find the energy and motivation to GET SHIT DONE!

Step 5: Don’t be lazy

It’s okay to kick your feet back and relax, but know when it’s also time do put in some work again! Do not get too comfortable because then you will end up with no results. But remember, when your plan and goals are clear, you will be motivated enough to want to see them materialize. Stay active, be productive, plan your tasks, get started and relax from time to time. Don’t be lazy and keep it going. And before you know it, you’ll be an organized goal getter!

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Surya Tanya