cig_img389-2Energetic strings, invisibly present
Energetic cords, invisibly repressing
Connecting, tying soul to soul
Uncertainty, is this you or is this me?
Bound by cords energetically

Unawareness of ties wrapped around ankles
Pulling me, pulling
How free am I really?
These cords hold me hostage
Couldn’t escape a prison I was unaware of

The now
The knowing
Acknowledging and accepting
Time to break free
Time to release

Release my self from bondage
My own energy overflowing
No longer unaware
No longer unable

I only allow what’s mine
What does not belong here leaves
I belong to my Self
All else will return to source

Eyes no longer blinded
Clarity in new perception
No place nothing other
Than the Highest Truth

There is power in the Truth
There lies freedom in seeing
The subconscious has no power
Over an awareness that simply observes

Observes what ties need to be cut
Observes what Truths need to be seen
Observes what’s blocking Spirit
To perform their Highest Calling

So cleanse and release Spirit
Guided and Protected you shall be
No longer will you be bound by energetic strings
From now on you shall be free

I grand you permission to follow your calling
I ask the Ancestors for support
I carry their burdens and their sorrows
I shall restore and heal for us

Because you will not be forgotten
I shall honor you instead
I shall start with self and honor me
For within I’ll find my boundaries

Those boundaries will guide me
Lead me straight to my energetic field
That field is mine to hold and protect
No more will it be polluted
By energetic strings, invisibly present
Energetic cords, invisibly repressing
From now on I shall be free


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