Fear of heights


Soooo as my latest writings already suggested, I am in a place of release and cleansing within my journey. Finally letting go of old limiting beliefs, getting passed on subconsciously mostly by my parents, and their parents, and their parents. Deep rooted pain coming to the surface again, so that I may heal them for good. Not only for me, but for all generations that have come before me and all generations after me. This is important stuff guys! And I am sure I am not alone in this. We are all in it together. The world is changing, people are waking up and transforming into their full potential.

I have been running wild. Literally, from place to place, emotion to emotion, person to person. I had no idea how to just be still, in the moment, and let things come my way. Instead, I was always forcing to make things happen the way I wanted them to happen. Underneath this behavior was so much fear! Fear of losing control. Fear of being unwanted, not good enough, abandonment. But somehow someway, I could not reach that truth. I could not see it for what it was. I had my moments where I knew I had to do things different, but I was kind of like a slave to my own subconscious conditioning. I simply did not know how to bring about change, because I was not aware of the fear that I held on to!

Fear of heights….
Not only higher places in the material world.
But higher places within my self.
Holding onto lower vibrations, habits, patterns, because they felt ”safe”.
Currently I am really stepping out of my comfortzone all the way, and pushing myself to go higher.
Look within and keep it all the way real.
I will no longer allow my lower self to dictate my decisions.
I will no longer allow fear to cause me to run away.
I will face everything head on because I am fearless and I am unconditional love.
I will love even when I’m scared.
I will love when I’m hurting.
I will love when I’m angry.
I will love when I’m sad.
And I will rise from with love, to higher places.
Higher places within my self.
The kingdom of heaven is waiting for me.
Releasing the fear so that my wings can grow.
Releasing the ground so that my journey can go.
To the higher realms, the realms of dreams and vision.
The realms of hope, faith and believe.
No space for things weighing me down to the ground.
Traveling light to pursue everything I knew I could ever be.
But I just forgot for a bit, and that is fine.
My journey is not dependent on the illusion of time.
I am right here, where I belong.
I will go for what my heart longs.

It is an exciting and important time. No more lies. No more deceit. No more fear. No more avoidance. I am here. I will be here. Now let’s get to it.



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Surya Tanya