Costa Rica: Why I am going there pt. 1

As you probably all know by now I am a girl who wants to save the world one step at a time. I realized in doing so, I needed to save myself first and so I began the (soul) journey of transformation growing and learning each day more and more. One of the dreams I have always had is doing something in a foreign country. Something like volunteering to help that place/people. Lately I picked up meditation again and after meditation about a month ago, I came across this video:

It really resonated with my heart and a tiny little seed was planted there, telling me Costa Rica was a place for me to go to. The next day I got a message on twitter from one of my followers, and without him knowing it, he mentioned Costa Rica. This was a second sign for me that I needed to go there soon. Two days later I was discussing my ideas with my auntie while grocery shopping, and as she met someone she knew and started chatting, I decided to kill some time in the magazine aisle. As I walked up to the aisle looking for the Happinez magazine, the first thing I noticed on the cover when I found it was: Costa Rica.

Happinez nummer 4-2015 Leve de lichtheid zijn te koop in de webshop

There it was on the cover, my third sign: Costa Rica

To me this was the third and last sign I needed to make the decision to visit the magical country of Costa Rica. I already had some savings and I decided to start telling people about my new found adventure. Talking about it to people I noticed I had a lot of people around me who had already been there, or in other countries in Central America and this was a sign that help was close. One of my coworkers pointed out to me that I could go to workaway (website) and check out the volunteering they needed there.  As I typed in Costa Rica the first thing that caught my eye and my heart was The Monkey Farm. They needed volunteers to help them realize their dreams saving animals, earth and humanity and there was this resonating feeling again! I contacted them and we clicked right away. I decided to come and visit them for  a month, and travel further around for a month after that. January 2016 was the time. Costa Rica here I come!

More about The Monkey Farm and what I am going to do for them in my next article!

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