Costa Rica: The Monkey Farm pt.2

So now it is out in the open and I have shared my upcoming trip to Costa Rica, there is another BIG part I need to share with you all. As you might have noticed, I have had #SecretSunday where I dropped a few hints already mentioning The Monkey Farm. Also in my previous article I mentioned that I am going to visit The Monkey Farm for a month. But what am I going to do there, and also here, exactly and what is The Monkey Farm all about?


Monkey hanging out

First of all let me start by telling you guys about The Monkey Farm.

”The Monkey Farm is a group of international volunteers who are working on turning an old farm into a monkey and wildlife rescue center. In addition, we are working towards creating an organic sustainable farm while living and learning on site.  Volunteers from all over the world come and live at the farm and are just now starting to plant food to feed themselves using permaculture methods, care for the farm animals which in turn provide food for them (eggs, milk, meat), and care for the wildlife that we rescue.  Our latest project is starting a volunteer guided horse tour to bring in some income.” (source:

A group of people I am going to be joining in January 2016! What I love about The Monkey Farm is the way they are helping the environment. Not only are they saving wildlife, they are also helping out the local homeless by sharing their food with them every Tuesday. Also they are constantly thinking of new ideas to help their surroundings:


A local volunteer helping out

”It’s not only monkeys and wildlife we aim to help. We research and develop ideas that can be shared with the surrounding community. These solutions can be concepts such as aquaponics or forest gardening, helpful systems such as composting toilets and solar food dehydrators or beneficial superfoods such as Moringa, Noni, Soursop or Red Reishi mushrooms.  Aquaponics systems use 95% less water than conventional farming, and it seems our whole world is in a drought and needs to conserve water.  We hope to help our planet by teaching people how they can have their own small scale, or even large commercial aquaponics systems, thereby conserving water for everyone.”(source:

Rescued monkey being fed

As I learned more about them I really felt an intense urge to help them out as much as possible. Not only was I willing to come and volunteer for a month, I wanted to help them raise enough money to realize The Monkey Farm Rescue Center. Because the farm only exists since December 2013 and consists of volunteers only, they do not yet have the resources to  create a rescue center. Therefore, the rescued animals need to be handed over to another center. They do have an old office that they can rebuild into a rescue center, and that is where I come in. I have started a fundraiser to help raise the money and I need your help to do so!

”The Monkey Farm’s vision is to help and heal all kinds of wildlife while creating a sustainable organic farm, run by volunteers from all over the world. We’re eager to work hard towards our farm’s growth and capacity to save animals, and your support means the world to us!In order to complete our permit process, and keep the baby monkeys here until they grow up and can be released, we are required to have an on-site animal medical clinic.  Fortunately, we have a room that has been used for an office, that we can convert into an animal clinic.”(source:

Do you want to help me out? You can help by donating here.


Rasta says: ”Thank You!”

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Surya Tanya

  • Holly Wesley

    Hi Surya, I’m also meant to be going to The Monkey Farm in January but one of the locals have been in contact with me with some worrying information. Please get in contact with me via my email if you know anything or just to discuss the situation! Sorry to sound so vague on this message but I’m not exactly sure whats happening at the moment so would rather speak over email.
    speak soon,

  • Amanda Wiecek

    This is a SCAM, and Vicki only allows you to come if you raise money for her organization that is NOT a registered non-profit. She also is in control of the fundraising, so you have no idea where your money is truly going.

    “However, your arrival date is not until January, so the volunteers here feel like you have plenty of time to complete your fundraiser if you truly want to come here. The volunteers who have done fundraisers, did it without the help of an outside organization, so they don’t see a problem. I’m not sure what your question is.” — her exact response to an email I had sent saying I still hoped to come and volunteer even though numerous businesses I had gathered to help run charity events backed out because of the information they found. — the facebook page there is against the Monkey Farm stating how Vicki has stolen from numerous families, lied about getting government support, and had numerous animal fatalities.

    I truly hope this information helps and not a penny more goes to someone taking advantage of passionate, caring, and often on a budget as it is volunteers.