Kali Vibes

Repetitive cycles of insights, realizations volatile Coming and going of deepening, rooting, growing, flowing free in the evolution of my being. Repetitive cycles of words, expressions… I wrote this a few days ago and it accurately paints the picture of… Continue Reading

Better days

Hello lovely people! As I am writing this I must say that I am in good spirits. The New Moon yesterday really has me feeling very positive about my life currently. The last few months I have been confronted with… Continue Reading

From poison to power

So I have been getting really really really confronted with myself the last week. Seeing clearly the lies I tell myself. And even though I am utterly grateful for these insights and the clarity I have received, it is never easy… Continue Reading

10 things I’ve gained by giving up alcohol

If you have been reading my blog then you might have come across some articles about my changes. I have certainly made a lot of them since 2014 started. First I started to genuinely care about and for myself, this included… Continue Reading