Hi guys,

It has been for ever since I have last written something. To be honest I needed to get back to myself first. Letting go of a view things that were pulling me down, standing firm in my beliefs and integrity, making room for myself to expand even further that I could have imagined myself to go in such a short period of time. Really, time hasn’t stood still for me along the way. And as I am growing into new beginnings, I feel the need again to share my journey with the world. I feel as if I needed to step out of society, my ‘old’ patterns and world, to find my own sense of self. I had been ignoring my boundaries for years and so I had to get all the way back to basic with that. Lately I have been experimenting with old habits again to feel where those boundaries really lay for me. Also I have been stepping out into the open again, meeting new people and being social. The time has come to open up to old habits so that I can leave them behind once and for all. Certain patterns have been showing it’s face again so that I could become aware of them and the fact that there is still some healing to be done. I have arrivedĀ at a crossroad asking myself to dive deeper into certain things that have been too closed off for me before. Because I first needed to heal the ”shallow” issues that were in the way, blocking the deeper core issues lying within.

I can honestly say that I am proud of where I am at this point. Finally I have relieved myself of some burdens like limiting beliefs, the old habits, and childhood pain. Now I can almost start flying out into the open, but not before I heal the deeper issues. As I am writing now I feel like I first need to address what it is that lies beneath that surface. It is a pattern that has been in my life since I was a teenager. It is a pattern that I have always been consciously aware of, in my mind, but I have never given the room to fully experience emotionally and thus psychically. This is something that is typically for a lot of people: We KNOW in our minds what the issue is, we ANALYZE it through our mind and then rationalize it. But we do not give ourselves permission to FEEL it. That is why it is never really released and healed because it is still lingering within our system. We need to go through it all the way from our crown chakra to the root. Only then we are able to let go of the pain by accepting it, allowing it and releasing it again. My core issue that has become a pattern in my life has been unworthiness due to emotional neglect, abuse and trauma. I am now finally there to really heal this within my life so that it can no longer hold me back while stepping into my power.

The reason this is so important at this time is because I can sense this second half of 2016 is filled with BIG things. Not only for me but for all of humanity. I see how a lot of people around me are moving, literally moving from one house to another, but also moving within themselves. There are big shifts happening and I am part of this process. As I am moving this weekend I know I will need to step into my power and start my mission here on Earth. I have always felt that I need to serve humanity, especially the children. Now is the time to do so! Not only for me but for all of us.

Lots of love to you and thank you for taking your time to read this message.


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Surya Tanya