Anger: An Poetic Ode


Patterns, cycles, repetitive action, belief systems.

The subconscious mind is such a magical thing.

Hidden underneath the surface of lightheartedness, the dark matter of anger.

Anger to cover up layers of pain.

Hurt actually, that has never found it’s way to express itself.

Driven into the subconscious mind to be forgotten.

But there it is given its power to manifest itself beyond the surface.

Triggers, triggers.

No control over it any longer, pure raw emotion.

Raging raging, unstoppable stream of words.

Screaming, crying, frustration but over what?

Unawareness of where this all began, staring blankly into empty mirrors.

What is this trying to tell me?

Why am I lashing out like this?

Sick and tired, sick and tired, does it ever come to an end?

Patterns, cycles, repetitive action, belief systems.

Going inward, deeper down the rabbit hole, there is where the answer lies.

Boundaries crossed, over and over and over and over again.

I am here.

I have the right to be heard, seen, felt.

You can no longer ignore me, I will make sure of that.

Loudness, boldness, extroverted expressions, strikingly out there.

I cannot be denied, attention drawn, a persona created.

Who am I really?


No more rage.

No more pain.

I am here.

It’s alright.

I am.


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Surya Tanya