5 Reasons to be naked all the time

Hello beautiful! This Sunday I have come across a lot of things inside of myself that I wanted to share with you. I have been battling my own thoughts eversince I decided to share my story on a blog. The reactions I get from the people around me are mostly positive I must say, but even though I feel supported I have been doubting what I am doing myself from time to time. There is this little voice inside of my head that asks questions like “Are you sure you want to share that?” “What would people think?” “Don’t you think you should keep that private?” and so on. Somewhere inside of me is definitely a fear and uncertainty if this is the “smart” thing to do. But you know what? It is! I need to share my naked soul with the world. And here is why I need to be this naked all the time:


1. I don’t like to wear masks

This is the most important one for me. I think we live in a society today that is based on competition,  posing,  and hiding vulnerability and emotions. When you scroll through instagram or facebook most of the things posted contain facades of people having the greatest life, hottest fashion and best relationships. All it does is show the world a “perfect” version of people without the real parts that they also very much possess but just choose not to show. I have tried this but I came to the conclusion that I can not hide my true face. Trying to fit in only makes me sad and unhappy.  So f the masks and hello real face!

2. It is freeing

I was also never the brawearing type.  Just as I have never been the image wearing type. It just feels so restricting and I need my literal and figurative space to be myself. Just as my breasts, I also need to be able to bounce a little, feel the wind and just be as I am. This is an incredible freeing feeling I would love for you to experience.

3. You don’t need to think about what you’re wearing

Even though it sounds quite literal (which part of it is) I also mean this in the metaphorical sense. Wearing masks, or images needs a lot of thought and work in advance.  If you have an image to maintain you really need to think about what you can and can not say, how you dress yourself, how you talk and with what kind of people you hang out with, or even your career. Being naked allows you to just flow through life without thinking ahead of how people might perceive that.  You are just being you, totally real and authentic wearing nothing but your naked soul. And let’s keep it real,  that matches with everything right?

4. People like you for you

When you choose to be naked all the time, you also know that the people that like your vibe are the people that see your real naked self. So they actually like you for you! Not for your fashion sense, your beautiful make up, the career you have, the car you drive, the crowd you know, but genuinely for you. How cool is that? And I’m not saying that you can not like fashion or drive a nice car here. All I’m saying is don’t let that be the only thing defining who you are. Don’t hide behind what you have or what you do. Just show your self.

5. You like yourself too

When you are able to show your naked soul you are able to accept yourself completely. Once I started to learn how to love myself, I started to learn how to show myself to others too. I have always been open and sharing with others, but the information was never as authentic and real as it has gotten since I started to love myself. Just think about it: you only hide certain areas because you yourself don’t like to face them right? So it is incredibly empowering when you can be naked and still like yourself flaws and all!

This was my positive post for today. Lots of love to you!

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Surya Tanya

  • Jessica Lokker

    Love your positive vibe! It’s so much better when people like you for being you, instead of someone you’re just pretend to be.

  • Surya Tanya

    Thank you Jessica!!
    Lots of love to you