10 Secrets I found in Solitude

solitudeThere is beauty in solitude. In the silence of being without anyone around you there are great things to be found. Secrets you kept hidden away can not be found in the chaos of crowds. No, unlocking your very own hidden treasures takes patience, endurance and most of all isolation.

Being alone was something I was very good at as a child, I could spend hours in solitude. My room was my sanctuary  where I painted,  wrote and listened to  music, entertaining myself without feeling lonely. But as soon as I hit puberty that changed: all I wanted to be was surrounded by people. As I got older this longing for company got worse. It was so strong that I even preferred being in bad company over being by myself.

The more I shifted my focus from myself to those around me the more solitude became loneliness and crowds became safe havens. I was slowly drifting away from my true self and started to lose myself in the ever changing world around me.

Now,  almost a decade later I can be in solitude again. And I even often find myself in situations where I prefer my own company over the company I am with. But what is it that makes me love my solitude again? And what secrets did I find in solitude? Here is my top 10:

1. Freedom  Solitude will set you free. There is an immense freedom in knowing how to be alone. It means that your happiness is not dependent on company. You can be happy by yourself. Realizing that sets you free and will not put you in awkward situations again with people you really don’t like.

2. Love Solitude will show you what Love is. When you learn how to enjoy your own company you will also learn about Love. To really experience this source of energy without attachment, and to experience it from within yourself for yourself. Only when I isolated myself from others I found myself back again and saw the beauty in my own being.

3. Peace It is so quite in solitude. No noise from the city. No chaos from others. No distractions. Just you and your solitude. This is incredibly peaceful. It helps you heal old wounds faster and it will also bring you more rest to really think about things. This peace will also just allow you to simply breathe and just enjoy your moment.

4. Creativity Solitude will bring out your creativeness. When you are surrounded by others all the time you do not have time to think for yourself as an individual. Being in solitude will open the gates to your creative spirit again. I started writing, painting and dancing again after I started to enjoy my solitude.

5. Energy Solitude will give you energy. Being in constant company can be very draining, especially for an empath like me. All these energies and stories people carry with them can really suck the life out of me. Now that I know that, I can just go back to my safe space in solitude and just recharge my little battery again.

6. Healing As I said earlier, solitude can help with healing old wounds. In the quiet and peaceful stillness you are more confronted with your pain and therefore it is easier to locate and heal. I was running away from my suffering but I started healing as soon as I slowed down my pace, and gave myself the room to heal.

7. Strength Solitude will strengthen your mind. In being alone you will find your strengths. It is so empowering to know that you have your own back in life! Also it is very good for your self esteem because you will not accept disrespect anymore once your learn how to be alone.

8. Company This may sound weird, but in solitude you will find one of the most important friends you will ever encounter: your self! Knowing how to keep yourself company will give you a friend of a lifetime who will never leave your side!

9. Selfworth Solitude will show you your worth. You don’t need to be with others and so you will only accept the best. Knowing who you are and what you need will make you see your worth. Also by taking care of yourself your worth will increase.

10. Dreams Solitude will give you time and space to dream. In being alone you will find out that you have so much more dreams and goals to pursue. Also the isolation will help you in realizing those dreams. Just sit quietly and contemplate where you want to go and what you’ll need to get there.


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